Scanmikael is a company specialising in adaptable room partition solutions. From start to finish, we design and manufacture our products in accordance with the sustainable 4R lifecycle model. In our design and development operations, we place special emphasis on safety and ease of use, reliability, appearance and quality.


Our main products include movable and folding glass walls, office walls, sliding and fixed glass walls, smart glass walls, hospital glass walls, curved glass walls, fully-glazed balustrades, fire-resistant glass walls and movable and folding panel walls.


We have implemented a variety of room partition solutions to various public spaces, shopping centres, churches, schools, airports, hospitals and offices around the world.


Public spaces are equipped with the wall type that best suits the purpose of use and the requirements of the space. Movable and fixed glass wall solutions help to manage the use of space as desired. Nearly all products can include smart glass solutions, and glass walls can be complemented with harmonious fully-glazed balustrades. If acoustic insulation is required, the space can be equipped with soundproof glass walls and movable and folding panel walls.

Products: Movable and folding glass walls, movable and folding panel walls, fire-resistant glass walls, glass balustrades and office glass walls.



The Finnish Scanmikael movable glass wall system allows you to make the most out of your space. Movable glass walls are available equipped with soundproofing and burglary protection.





The soundproof Scanmikael wall systems are designed for tough use and long service life, and the materials are durable, maintainable and safe to use. Screen walls enable the versatile use of classroom space.




Scanmikael products are ideally suited for the shops, offices and separate facilities at airports, as well as for the purposes of crowd control. In commercial premises, fully-glazed movable and fixed glass walls help create the perfect environment for showcasing products to passing customer flows.




In hospitals, SCM products can be used to create spaces with different functionalities. Movable smart glass walls can be used to create the passage to operating theatres, for example, where intimacy is guaranteed by turning the glass opaque as needed. Smart glass can replace textile products that need to be taken down and put back up in order to disinfect against MRSA bacteria. Smart glass products can be washed where they stand with normal hospital detergents.




The Scanmikael Officina and Silencia glass wall systems offer a comprehensive solution for the soundproofing and space management of office facilities. The facilities can be modified and extended later when the space or its purpose of use changes.