The Scanmikael office glass walls offer a modern and bright working environment, without forgetting soundproofing.

The Scanmikael glass wall system can be expanded and modified as the purpose of use changes.

The Scanmikael Officina product family includes a light, non-soundproof and a fully-glazed, soundproof office system alternative to suit your space. The solution is especially designed for sites where the adaptability and management of office spaces is a basic requirement. Elements can be added or removed easily, and the location of the doors can be changed according to need. The doors can be either sliding or hinged.

The product is self-supporting, meaning that the wall screens can be lower than the room height and that separate spaces can be created inside existing spaces.


The modular Officina office glass walls offer great soundproofing and can be easily modified by adding doors or moving it to a new location. The soundproof Officina is available in a Rw 28–40 dB level and it has been laboratory tested.

officina woody

Glass walls with a wooden frame – working spaces with natural harmony

The profiles of the Scanmikael Officina Woody glass wall system are made of either veneer or painted wood. The natural materials offer a warm and calm alternative to aluminium. Officina Woody is a modern glass wall system that can be fitted with wooden doors or door portals as well as electric strikes. Regular strikes and doors with glass windows are also available.

Similarly to the Officina Glass system, Officina Woody is entirely recyclable in line with our 4R product lifecycle model.

This comprehensive glass wall system with a wooden frame is an optimal solution for modern offices, retail spaces, school space division and other public spaces where wood is an element of the interior design.

The system is available with 92 mm and 120 mm frames. The width of the elements ranges from 1000 to 1200 mm and the height can be extended up to 3100 mm. Various safety glass types can be integrated with the system providing different levels of sound proofing. Smart glass can also be used to offer privacy with a smooth combination of modern technology and the natural and harmonious character of wood.






doors or portal doors

Modular veneer, laminate or painted doors or door portals for Officina glass wall systems

The SCM Officina office glass wall system can be complemented with sliding and hinged glass doors or with modular veneer, laminate or painted doors or door portals. The panel running over the top of the door is available in glass or the same material as the door itself. Doors and portal doors all come with a high-quality finished wooden frame which links seamlessly to glass elements on either side.

 The doors have been tested in laboratory conditions to Rw level 38 dB which makes them suitable for soundproofed wholes. There are two alternatives for sealing the bottom of the door: a drop seal or a fixed wooden threshold.

Electric strikes, door closers and different locking options are integrable to the system, and the door itself can be equipped with soundproof glass.