Duuri Group Oy Privacy Notice 2/2022

1.     Register Controller
Duuri Group Oy, Tapulikaupungintie 35, 00750 Helsinki, Finland, duuri@duuri.fi, +358 9 351 050

2.     Register queries
Our customer service answers queries and feedback concerning the register.

3.     Name of Data Register
Duuri Group Oy:n markkinointirekisteri

4.     Purpose of processing personal data
The purpose of processing personal data is to manage customer relationships, to observe and carry out the rights and obligations of the data subject and Duuri Group Oy as well as the targeting of advertising and/or marketing activities of Duuri Group Oy and/or its partners on the basis of data subjects’ data via Duuri Group Oy channels and services without disclosing personal data to third parties.

5.     Data included in this register
This register may contain the following data:

–        Name

–        E-mail address

–        Mobile phone number

–        Company and position

–        Company address

–        Contact details obtained directly from subject.

Duuri Group Oy uses cookies on its websites to improve user experience. Cookies are small text files sent to and stored in the website visitor’s computer at the request of the browser. Website visitors can disable cookies by adjusting their browser settings.

6.     Regular data sources for this register
The register comprises data obtained from the Duuri Group Oy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, telephone contacts, e-mail contacts, face to face meetings as well as contacts collected via websites. Duuri Group Oy can also compile register data from public registers as well as contact information lists controlled by third parties. The register data is maintained manually. 

7.     Regular disclosure of data
The controller of this register will not disclose data subjects’ private data to third parties, except when requires by official Finnish authorities.

8.     Removal of data
Data can be removed from the register at the request of the data subject or at the end of the customer relationship.

9.     Register protection principles
All private data will be stored securely. The Duuri Group Oy electronic network and the hardware on which the register is stored are protected with a firewall as well as other necessary technical measures.

10.  Right of restriction
The data subject has the right to prohibit the disclosure and handling of their data for the purpose of direct marketing or other marketing activities.