“The Scandinavian design and quality provided by Scanmikael is internationally impressive. In over 20 years, Scanmikael has implemented glass wall systems in numerous locations from Finland to Australia.  Our products are fully designed and manufactured in Finland and all of our product groups are based on our product development and testing.


Functional solutions require open cooperation all the way from the architect’s drawing board to the tightening of the final rail screw. Being in control of the entire manufacturing process supports project management. Our own Finnish design and manufacturing enables adaptation, in terms of both products and schedules.” 




Helsinki design school

“The finished work has been excellent, down to the smallest detail, and the glass elements have proved to be extremely durable. We can warmly recommend the services and products of Scanmikael, if style, quality, usability and durability are essential to the client.”
Jani Aromäki

Helsinki Design School

Scanmikael implemented glass walls with a high soundproofing level to the demanding learning environment of Helsinki Design School, while taking into account the spacious feel required by the educational institution.


“Already when selecting the subcontractor, Scanmikael’s openness and their will and ability to discover excellent solutions provided a clear sign of future cooperation. Both employees and traders have praised the solutions.”
Tuija Klaus

Procurement Manager, Skanska Talonrakennus Oy, Southern Finland

The three stages of the Shopping Centre Kaari building project took over seven years and emphasised scheduling and punctuality. Scanmikael implemented the individual space management solutions to the Shopping Centre Kaari, which contains nearly a hundred shops.

isomäki arena

“The extremely challenging schedule for the Isomäki Arena project demanded a reliable and flexible partner. Scanmikael carried out the glazing within the agreed upon schedule and produced a high-quality end result.”
Rami Lahti

Supervisor, MVR-Yhtymä

Scanmikael supplied the fully-glazed, opening glass wall systems to the Isomäki Arena expansion and renovation project. The project wanted to preserve the openness and brightness of the space and the opportunity to divide the space as needed. The Scanmikael glass wall system impressed with its modern and stylish finish.


Veho, a key operator in the Finnish automotive sector built the biggest commercial vehicle centre in Vehkala, located in the intersection of Ring road III and Route road 3. The construction work was finalised at the close of year 2021. The Veho Vehkala centre has a total of 12 00 m2.

The spacious showroom and customer service spaces have been built using Scanmikael’s airy glass partition elements which allow light to flow freely throughtout the space.

This site has a total of some 500 m2 glass wall and 36 glass doors. In addition, the second floor gallery railings are made of glass. This allowed us to realise a modern, light and crisp spaces seamlessly combining an open plan design with quiet rooms for private negotiations.

Careful design and solid partnerships

The Scanmikael space partitions were designed for this site already in the pre-bid stage in collaboration with construction company Varte Oy.

”Already at the start of the year 2020 we  worked on common solutions and certain details, especially as regards fireproof glass. The entire package was worked on for a year before the contracts were signed”, says construction engineer Heikki Laaksonen, who was Scanmikael’s representative on the project.

Veho Vehkala is a large scale project that still followed a familiar progression from the bidding to the final installations. Detailed plans were refined and adjusted along the way in close collaboration with the architect and contractor.

At Veho Vehkala Scanmikael used both glass walls and sliding glass doors of our own production and products from our long-term partners. For instance, the 27 m2 of fireproof glass walls without vertical profiles, that are not commonly available, came from Alufire.

”Veho Vehkala needed also sound proofing, for which we used dB products especially for the negotiation and conference rooms lining the edges of the showroom on two floors. The soundproofing was realised to the commonly used 37 dB level,” Heikki Laaksonen explains.

Glass walls and doors are a carefree choice

Scanmikael’s service model includes expert design, top quality products and technical solutions as well as installation and comprehensive maintenance instructions. Sites in which we use movable elements also get thorough user training from us.

”Ths products we used at Veho Vehkala are care and maintenance free. They are made of aluminium and glass, and the sliding elements have wheels with bearings. All staff involved in the installation of the fireproof glass elements were trained for the task and a mentor from Alufire was present to oversee the installation”, Heikki Laaksonen describes the quality controls we apply to installation work.


Veho Vehkala neuvotteluhuoneita
Veho Vehkala lasikaide
Veho Vehkala, toisen kerroksen neuvotteluhuoneita
Veho Vehkala